Return Policies


  1. In the event that the Customer found any of the Product delivered is physically damaged or have expired (“Defective”), the Customer shall have the right to reject the Defective Product by issuing written notice to the Distributor.
  2. For avoidance of doubt, the defective product is limited to:-
    1. Any component is missing in the box such as vial, liquid in the vial, seal of vial;
    2. Damage to items discovered after opening the box such as broken vial, broken seal of vials, damaged vials cover (vial cap), cracked vial;
    3. Defective product due to manufacturer; and
    4. Wrong goods/items sent.
  3. The Customers shall forthwith upon discovery of any defect, within the inspection period, notify the distributor in writing detailing the defective condition together with photographic evidence for the Distributor’s verification.
  4. Upon verification, the Distributor shall refund the purchase price of defective products within thirty (30) days and the customer shall return the defective product to the Distributor.
  5. Customer shall contact Customer Service at 1-800-22-6600 or to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number must be clearly visible on the exterior of any returned box of product.


  1. In the event that Customer cancel its order, Distributor has an absolute discretion to forfeit thirty percent (30%) of the total purchase price of the product as an administrative charge to Distributor. Whereas the remaining seventy (70%) will be refunded to the Employer free of interest within thirty (30) days from the vaccination date.
  2. Conditions to avail of refund after payment has been made:
    1. End user has received vaccination date via MySejahtera between the date of payment and our delivery date.
    2. Employee who is proven pregnant between the date of payment and our delivery date.
    3. The written notice must be sent to us not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the delivery date.
  3. In the event Customer cancel its order less than forty-eight (48) hours before the delivery date due to any other reasons specified above or without any reason, fifty percent (50%) of the total purchase price of the product will be forfeited.
Delivery Methods & Timing


  1. The delivery cost is including the delivery of product and collection of disposals of the used Product.
  2. All ordered products are being processed within forty-eight (48) hours from the confirmation of vaccination schedule.
  3. The customer shall provide:
    1. the delivery dates of the Product (“Delivery Date”);
    2. the quantity of the Product to be delivered on such Delivery Date; and
    3. the full address of the location where the Products are to be delivered to (“Designated Premise”).
  4. The Distributor may with forty-eight (48) hours’ notice to the Customer, reschedule the Delivery Date (“Rescheduled Delivery Date”) which is either to expedite or defer the Delivery Date to other date(s) or vary the quantity to be delivered on such dates due to inter alia:-
    1. as and when the Distributor is required to follow the Government’s order with regard to the supply or delivery of the Product; and/or
    2. any other situations as may be agreed in writing by the Parties.
  5. Standard Delivery: Our standard delivery service is PADSB or any authorized agent appointed by PADSB.
  6. Upon delivery of the Product to the Designated Premise, the Customer shall store the Product at the temperature between two (2) to eight (8) degrees Celsius and maintain the appropriate data loggers of the temperatures recorded from the time the Product is received at the Designated Premise until the Product is administered to the End Users.  This is a critical feature of the Product and any non-compliance thereof shall preclude the Distributor from any responsibility and liability whatsoever of the Product.
  7. The risk of damage or/and loss of the Product shall pass to the Customer upon acceptance of such delivery at the Designated Premise.
  8. The representatives of the Customer shall inspect and acknowledge receipt of the Product delivered by stating the date and time of receipt of the Product and shall inspect the product within forty-eight (48) hours upon such acknowledgement (“Inspection Period”).
  9. Failure to inspect the Product within the inspection period shall not entitle the Customers for a refund of the purchase price for any defective Product.
  10. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the proper storage, handling, and/or administration of the Product to the End Users.
  11. The Customer shall adhere to all laws, rules and regulations applicable for the Product. The Distributor shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever in the event that the Customer fails to comply with the foregoing.
  12. No Party to this Agreement shall be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any of its obligations hereunder, if such delay in whole or in part is due to any unexpected and/or unavoidable events that are out of the Party’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of God, fires, storms, floods, earthquakes, riot, strikes, acts of war, civil unrest or intervention of any governmental authority provided that such exemption of liability shall be limited to the extent of the influence of the Force Majeure Event.